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Kentucky Derby Betting - What to Look For

Kentucky Derby Betting – What To Look For

Everyone is looking forward to the Kentucky Derby festival that will take place on the 7th of May, 2011. The event is a showcase of America’s best 3-year-old Thoroughbreds run on a one and a quarter mile at Churchill Downs. The festival marks its 137th year running of the derby. Punters are looking forward to the big event and many will certainly make a fortune.

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When it comes to horse betting, luck is the mother of all assumptions. Assumptions are an easy route for you to get broke. Strategy and understanding your horses is the main key factor to increase your bankroll effectively.

What I always tell punters is that horse festivals are not meant to test your betting skills, strategies or betting systems but it’s more similar to a high yield short investment plan due to the fact that there is more money in the pools as compared to the regular race day. With every festival, your main aim is to win. I will outline some of the basics you need to consider especially when wagering at this upcoming event but remember don't go it alone we have consistently made money for our clients the last 5 years and this years Kentucky Derby will be no different.

Always avoid making the same mistake done by punters especially the novice. Many people tend to place bets according to assumptions or speculations. For instance, one may consider placing bets on sounding names/amusing names and base it as a betting system.

Therefore, what do you have to look at? At the Kentucky Derby festival the first things you should consider are the favorites, the second tier and the darkhorses. It is a known fact that at most 30%, the favorites can win, place or show during a major event. Betting on favorites can be ideal especially when using bet types such as Trifecta, Superfecta or quartet. You need to follow the trend, focus on the favorites first, and secondly, look at rest.

In order to for you to be a victor or walk away from the event with a little something or more consider boxes. Not only are boxes for shoes, for example a three-horse $2 trifecta box is $12 and $2 three-horse exacta box is $12, if any one wins you will certainly get a little something or even more. However, playing strategic combinations for higher amounts can eventually boost your bankroll. In addition, your level of investment reflects your confidence. Your main goal is to maximize your profits. A common effective derby strategy is for you to have a few tickets of exacta/ trifectas, win bets, and pick tickets.

Primarily, you need to analyze the Kentucky Derby betting odds to select the appropriate horse for each race. Another important fact to consider is not to bet more than you intended on any race. Make it a point that you have applied a good bankroll management during the festival.

Although the event is the most difficult to handicap all year with plenty of horses to select from you would have to mix well with the ones that will run well. Note that the event is not much different from other events.
Bet wisely and enjoy the event!

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