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When Favorites Show The Payout Is Low

When Favorites Show The Payout Is Low

Horse betting tends to be very complex and picking out the winning horses is quite a difficult task. There are several things you need to look into when analyzing each horse in a given race. One thing you need to bear in mind is that each horse has an equal chance of winning in a race especially in handicap races.

Therefore, how does one get to select the best horses for the race?

Horse betting can be very difficult only if you are a passive punter. Aggression is the key to success and you need not to be mislead by what others tell you. It’s a known fact that favorites have a 30% chance of winning in a race but when the favorites show, the payouts/dividend is usually very low. The dividend becomes meaningless especially when all favorites win the race.

The reverse is true, when the underdogs/outsiders show, the payouts/dividend is very high at which it can reach over $10k for exotic bets. From my personal point of view, I have observed that the underdogs usually win in most races and favorites tend to disappoint all the time. However, the favorites tend to show in a race rather than winning as top runner. Therefore, how do you place your bets?

The first thing you need to look at are the favorites. Yes, these horses are highly favored and their previous performance is satisfactory but you need to consider that they are competing with other horses of the same level for the first time. Since all horses are competing against each other, you need to out rule an important factor commonly known as ‘bias’. Hence, do not be too confident with the favorites but rather consider them equal to all other horses. Forget about trying to compare their previous performance with all other horses because their results are satisfactory.

Now, given that the favorites have been listed, you now need to pay more attention on selecting the underdogs. Even for the horse that is list favored, there is big value in it when it wins a race so you certainly need not to undermine it because anything can happen on the racetrack. There is always one blind side that changes everything in a race and this is the false starts that may cause a horse(s) to be scratched. All horses are subject to false starts and it happens often at which any one of your horse can be scratched and causes a change in everything.

Therefore, you need to spread your bets in a way that you minimize your risk loss to minimal. For instance, you can play two exotic bets as your major bets and other bets such as swingers, etc

1- All your selected horses boxed with the exclusion of favorites
2-All your selected horses boxed with the inclusion of all favorites
3- For swinger bets – you can select any 2 horses that you favor or alternatively you can make a combination of both the swinger and trifecta bet into one bet.
The exotic bets can be very expensive but if you do not have much of a huge bankroll, you can consider placing the exotic bets as fractional bets. 

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Cheltenham December Meeting 2011 - Cheltenham International Meeting

Cheltenham December Meeting 2011 - Cheltenham International Meeting
The Cheltenham International Meeting is a two day event taking place as from the 9th to the 10th of December. It show cases valuable hurdle races of the season with the likes of the StanJames.com International Hurdle, Vote A. P. Gold Cup and many others. Previously in 2010, the Stan James Champion Hurdle was won by Menorah. Punters are eagerly waiting for the Saturday event – the December Gold Cup although all other races are equally thrilling.

The event comprises of the highest jump races consisting of 15 races and the first race will kick-off on Friday at 12:10pm and the last race kicking-off on Saturday at 3:40pm. The StanJames.com International is one the most awaited race of the event. It is a grade 2 race open to horses of four years and older running over a distance of 2 miles and 1 furlong. In addition, the main sponsor - StanJames.com is offering up to £150 in free bets to all its new punters for this period only.

Recently, Cheltenham has been forced to water the course ahead of weekend meeting because it has been having months of dry weather at which the track is covered with snow and may cause water logging. However, the officials anticipate that the race will not be abandoned. On the other hand, the weather forecast predicts rainfall of 3mm on Thursday.
Fixtures Of The International Meeting
Day One
Race                                                                                                                                                      Time
Injured Jockeys' Fund Oaksey House Novices' Chase                                                      12:10
Caspian Caviar Handicap Hurdle                                                                                               12:40
CF Roberts Electrical + Mechanical Services
Conditional Jockeys' Handicap Chase                                                                                     1:15
CITIPOST Handicap Hurdle                                                                                                           1:50
Majordomo Hospitality Handicap Chase (Listed Race)                                                    2:25
Glenfarclas Cross Country Handicap Chase                                                                          3:00
EBF "National Hunt" Novices' Hurdle (Qualifier)                                                                               3:35

Day Two
Jenny Mould Memorial Handicap Chase                                                                                               11:40
JCB Triumph Hurdle Trial (Juvenile Hurdle)                                                                         12:10
DRS Contracts Novices' Chase                                                                                                    12:45
Unicoin Homes Relkeel Hurdle (Grade 2)                                                                             1:20
Keith Prowse Hospitality Tingle Creek Chase (Grade 1)                                                                 1:55
Vote A. P. Gold Cup (Handicap Chase) Grade 3                                                                   2:30
StanJames.com International Hurdle (Grade 2)                                                                                 3:05
Albert Bartlett Novices' Hurdle (Registered As
The Bristol Novices' Hurdle Race) (Grade 2)                                                                        3:40


Horse Betting Tips

Horse Betting Tips

Horse Betting Tips from the Pros 

If you need a winning edge in horse racing then your certainly need to follow the exact procedures. In this guide, you will learn various ways on how to select your winning horses in any given race. The guide will help you sharpen and improve your horse betting skills as well as giving you a good return on your investment.
As a professional punter, you should avoid being misled by what others tell you. Hence, you should always bring out facts through analysis and make the final decision. Your strategy should be unique and your own style. However, there are a few tips you need to consider when doing your analysis and research.
1. Firstly, you need to look at the favorites before you think of selecting any horse. It is a known fact that favorites have a 30% chance of winning in a race and these can either win, place or show in a race. On the other hand, if it is a main event, favorites that have previously won the race have a greater chance of winning. Thus, favorites would come first but this does not mean you should not look at the rest.
2. From the favorites, you now have to look at the underdogs. With the underdogs, there are various factors you need to consider. In a horse race, it’s a known fact that one or more horses can be scratched and this is often caused by false/poor starts. Hence, when selecting a horse, you need to consider its starts and if it has a history of false starts then the horse should be avoided.

3.  You also need to check each horse’s previous performance. At times, many people tend to be mislead by the favorites and underdogs. For example, a favorite horse that keeps winning over short distances does not guarantee a win over long distance and the reverse is true. With horse racing, it’s all about analyzing the odds for that particular race track as well as the runners. Therefore, when looking at main events you should also check the distance of the track and compare it with the previous tracks that have been won by the favorites.

4.  Horses are known to bring out a lot of surprises. For instance, punters should take note of horses that have recently been placed with blinds or those that have had their blinds removed. As a punter, you need to know that horses are able to see two visions at apparently the same time thus when blinds have been placed it helps the horse to see direct and focus mainly on the track. It has been observed that horses that have recently been placed or removed blinds are subject to fail or improve drastically in a race but as a professional punter, you have to avoid such horses cause if it is scratched that is money going down the drain.

In addition, when selecting your horses, you should avoid doing random selection and selecting horses according to their sounding names is a recipe to disaster. Always place your bets according to analysis and research and most of all, be confident that your horses will win. After selecting your horses, all you have to do is select the best type of bets and watch your money grow. With bets, try selecting boxes/exotic bets at which they reduce the risk of you losing. If you do not have much money then consider placing fractional bets for boxes/exotics.

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Upcoming Horse Betting Events

The Festive Season – The Three Major Events That Can Boost Your Bankroll

The festive season is that time of the year where everyone can spend thousands of dollars and won’t feel a pinch. It is that time of the year were you get to enjoy with your family and friends and at the same time spend lots of money. Punters are looking forward for great horse racing events taking place this season and everyone is ready to spend cash with the anticipation of winning great. 

In this guide, I will list three of the major events that one can look forward to as well as inviting your family and friends. By attending anyone of these major events, you will surely get to experience great gaming action.

1.  Cheltenham December Meeting - 9th-10th December
The Cheltenham December Meeting is a 2-day event featuring the most valuable hurdle races – the StanJames.com International Hurdle. The main event, taking place on Saturday is the December Gold Cup that will bring so much thrilling action. On Friday, punters can also enjoy betting action from various races such as the Majordomo Hospitality Handicap Chase and the Glenfarclas Cross Country Chase.

2. Kempton Park King George VI Meeting - 26th-27th December
The Kempton Park King George is yet another major event taking place as from 26 – 27 December at Sunbury-on-Thames, Surrey, England. Kempton Park stages both flat racing and National Hunting racing and holds the famous racing event known as the King George VI Chase that runs every year on 26 December (Boxing Day). It will host a number of races to include the National Hunt calendar, Feltham Chase, Christmas Hurdle, King George VI Chase and others. We will get to see our favorite runners that feature in many major events such as Kauto Star, and Imperial Commander.

3. Chepstow Welsh National Meeting - 27th December
Chepstow Welsh National Meeting is a prestigious horseracing event taking place on the 27th of December consisting of 6 races. The event promises great thrilling action with top jockeys and trainers competing for the year’s Welsh National Crown.

The first race starts from 12.30 pm and the last race runs from 3.50 pm. If you are thinking of attending the event, you certainly need to book now as there is a limited number of 150 spaces only.

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Common Types Of Horse Terms

Common Types Of Horse Terms

As a punter, you certainly need to understand the various horse terns and types of bets used in the game. Like any sport, you will come across several terms and if you are new to the game these may seem to be jargon. If consider taking horseracing to an advanced stage then knowing the terms will be an easy way to get started.

Before you think of how much you can wager and which bet is profitable you need to learn about the various type of bets available as well as the terms so as to select a betting option of preference. In this guide, I will list various terms used in horseracing.

Across the board – This is a term used for a bet place on a win or place bet.
Colt – A term given to a male horse that is utmost four years
Claiming Races – Horses competing to be bought by licensed owners at a claimed or stated price.
Allowance Races – A race of quality horses at which each horse has to meet certain conditions in order to be eligible to race
Derby – Stakes horserace for three year olds
Dark Day – A Day at the racecourse when there is no any racing activity taking place
Race Card – A schedule of races on a predetermined date and time
Filly – A term given to a female horse that is utmost four years
Furlong – The distance given to a racetrack measuring 1/8 of a mile
Gelding – A term referring to a male horse that has had all its testicles removed
Handle – The sum of all wagers on a race
Juvenile – A term given to young horses that are utmost 2 years old
Mare – A term given to female horses that are at least 5 years old
Maiden – A term given to a horse that has not won any race
Parimutuels – A term used to refer a betting system at which bettors get to collect a dividend from the total amount wagered after the horse percentage has been deducted
Past Performance – The history of the horses past performance also looking at the wins, jockey, racetrack, etc.
Route – A Term given to a racetrack for thoroughbred greater than one mile
Scratch – A term referring to a horse withdrawn from a race
Stakes/Handicap Races – A term referred to a race featuring the best horses competing against each other for the highest price money.
Ridgling – A male horse of any age that has one or two undescended testicles
Slow – A term referred to a racetrack that has been muddy and is now drying out
Sprint – A racetrack that is less than a mile
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Wagering In Relation To Minimum Bets Allowed In Horse Racing

 As a new punter, your main concern is how much each bet will cost before you forward the ticket. Depending on each type of bet, you need to know the cost and this will also help you to manage your bankroll as well as calculating the odds and outs for each given race. In this guide, we will look at various types of bets giving examples of betting and variation.

For straight bets – Win, Place or Show, the minimum wage allowed is $2. Thus, the dividend is based on the $2 wager. For example, if you have placed a straight bet with a total wager of $20 and the Win price is $8.50 this means you would collect $85 ($20 multiplied by $8.5 Win divided by $2 minimum.

Hint: Wagering on favorites has a Win Bet has an average of 30% to win, an average of 45% to win or place and an average of 60% to win, place or show.

Another common type of bet is the Daily Double bet at which you get to select any two horses that will finish in any order 1st or 2nd in the first race and second race. You need to place your bet before the start of the first race.

For Quiniela Bets, you get to select any two horses that finish first or second in any order in any given race. The minimum bet for Quiniela is $2. For example, you place a Quiniela Box of 5, 6 and 4. Therefore, you are making three separate bets and the combinations would be the outcome of the horses finishing 4-6, 4-5, 6-4, 5-4, 6-5, or 5-6 thus your minimum bet becomes $6 for Quiniela box bets.

For Quiniela double, it is a bet of two winning Quiniela bets in the last two races. In order to win, all Quiniela bets of the last two races should be a win.

Now, with the Quiniela Wheel, you select any of your favorite horse to win with all other horses. For example, you select a wheel of 4 with a combination of 6 other horses your minimum bet would be $12.

The Betting variations according to the minimum bet become different and more expensive when placing the Perfacta and Trifecta bets.

The minimum bet allowed for Trifecta bets is $1. For example, a $1 Trifecta of  3-5-2 would cost you a total of $6 because the combinations would be finish 2-5-3, 2-3-5, 3-5-2, 3-2-5, 5-3-2 or 5-2-3; for a win.

A straight Trifecta would cost $2 with a bet of any three horses such as 7-4-5 and should finish in the exact order.

Now looking at Perfecta bets, the minimum bet increases depending on the number of horses placed and an addition of a horse increases the minimum bet by a significant margin. For example, A Perfecta box of 5 horses with minimum bet of $2 would cost $40 due to the fact that it consists of 20 bets and a Perfecta box of 6 horses would cost $60 as it consists of 30 bets.

Bettors should be advised that the types of bets and rules differ from one country to another and you would have to ask the bookmaker or sportsbook if not sure when you consider placing any bets.

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