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JCB Triumph Hurdle Trial

JCB Triumph Hurdle Trial

The JCB Triumph Hurdle Trial race is the first race for the juvenile runners kicking off at 12:55. This is a
stepping-stone for the beginners at which any winner will certainly make way to success through out the

It has been observed that the previous 6 runners from the JCB Triumph Hurdle Trial were taken from the
top. Therefore, punters would need to look at the favorites and other horses that have better odds.

One of the favorites for this year’s JCB Triumph Hurdle Trial is Baby Mix who recently won the
Cheltenham in December, 2011. Other favorite contender is Grumeti trained by Alan King also made a
triumph when he won the debut over hurdles for Totequadpot Novices Hurdle at Taunton in December
and can surely show impressive results throughout the season.

Grumeti has made some success on flat races and can certainly win the JCB Triumph Hurdle Trial.
However, He lost his unbeaten record at Newbery but promises to perform wonders for the JCB
Triumph Hurdle.

Other runners listed in this race include Sadlers Risk, Minsk, Ranjaan, Ut De Sivola, Hinterland, Dildar,
Urbain De Sivola, Darroun. Phillip Hobbs has the exciting Sadlers Risk in his yard this season who after
some good performances on the flat has now taken to hurdles. The horse made his jumping debut in the
Juvenile Hurdle at Kempton and he simply hacked up to outclass the field and enter the Triumph Hurdle
picture. Sadlers Risk is likely to have a couple more runs before the Festival and he looks a horse to keep
an eye on.

The Highclere owned Ranjaan looks like a potential Triumph Hurdle contender after two good wins
recently for Paul Nicholls. The horse was an expensive buy but he looks a talent after he won at
Kempton over Christmas before following up at Taunton in the Betfair Handicap Hurdle more recently.
Like so many at this level he could still be anything at this stage but he has shown potential and seems
to be improving which is a good sign for Triumph

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Cheltenham Festival Trials Day

Cheltenham Festival Trials Day

The Trials Day at Cheltenham is a major horseracing event-taking place on the 28th of January 2012. It is a one-day main event showcasing Grade 2 and 3 runners and featuring 7 top class races. This main event will certainly deliver great betting action to punters as they get to observe the novice hurdlers and any horse that wins this main event will certainly show or win in all other races throughout the year.
The Trials Day Card
Time     Race            Grade
12:55  JCB Triumph Hurdle Trial (Juvenile Hurdle)    Grade 2  
1:30  Timeform Novices' Handicap Chase  
2:00  Murphy Group Chase (Handicap)     Grade 3 
2:30  Argento Chase (Registered As The Cotswold Chase)   Grade 2  
3:05  Neptune Investment Management Novices'
               Hurdle (Registered as Classic Novices' Hurdle Race)               Grade 2  
3:35  Rewards4Racing Cleeve Hurdle                  Grade 2 
4:10  Stellar Football "End of Transfer Window"
               Handicap Hurdle
JCB Triumph Hurdle Trial - The JCB Triumph Hurdle Trial race is the first race for the juvenile runners kicking off at 12:55. This is a stepping stone for the beginners at which any winner will certainly make way to success through out the year.
Argento Chase - This is also another important race to look forward to at the Trails day. The runners will run over a 3 miles 1 furlong.

Cleeve Hurdle – This is the main support race for the day running over a 3 mile. Recently, legendaries such as Inglis Drever have been seen to win the Cleeve Hurdle at which this race will give punters a key to keep ahead of the festival.

Neptune Investment Management Novices' Hurdle – This is also another race to look forward at the Trials. The runners will run over 2 mile 5 furlong and attracts some of the best Novice hurdlers. Punters can study the horses that win in this race at which the winning runners have a greater chance of performing well throughout the season.


Calculating Odds and Payoffs in Horse Betting

Calculating Odds and Payoffs


If you are passionate about learning horse betting then this guide will be of great help. You will learn
how to calculate the payoffs based on the odds as well as reading the tote board.

Understanding the odds and payoffs

The common odds is the win odds noted on each horse but literally they do not tell us much about what
the horse will pay but rather the profit you will get for the bet. For instance, if the odds of a particular
horse show as 6-1 this means that you get to receive a profit of $6 for each $1 wagered, 6-5 means that
you get a profit of $6 for each $5 wagered.

For example, if you bet $2 on a horse with odds 6:1 and the horse wins, then your dividend payout
would be $12. However, on a toteboard, the odds can be rounded off at which for 6:1 the actual odds
would be 5.6:1. The odds are rounded down due to the rules of the track. Thus, your actual payoff may
differ from the toteboard but the difference is not huge. The payouts are rounded down to the nearest
nickel and this rounding is known as breakage.

Tip: The low the odds, the low the payout/dividend. For instance, if a horse has odds of 4:1 and the
other 12:1 this would mean that the horse with odds 12:1 has a higher payout.

One thing you need to take note is that the favorites usually have low odds while the underdogs have
slightly higher odds. Therefore, if the favorites win, the payout is usually low while the reverse is true, if
the underdogs win, the payout is tremendously high.

Thus, when placing your bets, it’s wise to make straight bets on horses that have low odds at which they
have a chance of winning or showing in a race. On the other hand, in order to get a good return on your
investment, a bettor should be able to place various bets in any one given race.

Hence, it’s wise to place many bets in one race than placing several bets in different races. Therefore,
when reading the racing form, the horses with low odds are the favorites while the rest are underdogs.
However, in horseracing most races are handicapped meaning that the horses competing are of the
same level at which predicting the winner is very difficult but previous performance can give you a clear


Swinger Bets in Horse Betting

The Swinger Bet
Online Horse betting can be a lot fun especially when you are able to determine the winning horse. An interesting horse bet to play is the swinger bet at which if played correctly it can easily boost your revenue. In this guide, I will outline a few tips on how to play the swinger bet effectively.

The Definition
The swinger bet is a type of bet at which you get to predict any 2 runners placed in the first 3 for any race with 6 or more runners. Hence, the swinger bet has three dividends for each race - 1st & 2nd, 1st & 3rd, and 2nd & 3rd.

It is one of the most exiting bets in horseracing but one has to master the tactics of playing this type of bet.

Playing The Bet
To the novice, the swinger bet tends to be meaningless due to the fact that its payouts can be very low at times. However, in order to get a good return on your investment making use of the swinger bet is to play it as multiples of x10 or more.

For Instance, when playing online, your swinger bet can be as follows
[1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6] / [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6] x10 

This would mean that if any combination wins, your bet is multiplied by 10. For example, if the dividend is $19 for 1-6 this means that you will get a payout of $190.
If you are new to the swinger bet, you would want to know how much it costs to place the bet.
For instance, placing a bet single bet of the above [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6] / [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6] would cost you $15. Thus, for 10 entries of the same bet would cost you $150. Most online sportsbook will automatically calculate the total amount to pay as you click on each horse or after selection.
Now, one thing you need to pay attention is the number of horses selected. The more horses selected, is the more you pay. Taking a close look at the swinger bet shown above, it is boxed meaning all horses can come out 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any given order. Therefore, you should make it a point that the swinger bet is not a floating bet but a boxed bet.

An effective tactic in winning the swinger bet is to select a race that has 10 or less runners. Therefore, in order to get a good payout, it’s wise to select any of the underdogs and avoid betting on the favorites as the payout will be low given that the favorites win. For example, in a race with 10 runners, you can subtract the favorites – 3 and the last horse that shows bad odds. Therefore, you will remain with 6 horses at which you box all in the swinger bet and select any multiple.


Upcoming Major Horseracing Events

The year 2011, has passed and left so man memories while punters achieved great and also learned from their mistakes. Year 2012, is that time of the year when we have to make a new beginning and a fresh start. Certainly, we will get to welcome new punters as well as keeping track of the major horse race events happening worldwide. 

If you had missed some of these major events in 2011, then you certainly have something to look forward. Of course, this year, you certainly have to learn and master the skills of horse racing and if you are new to horse betting you certainly need not to worry has there is apple time for you to learn and get started. 

For beginners, the major events will certainly thrill you to the max at which you also get an added advantage of receiving free bets for each new account you open during each major event at any online sports book.
One thing I certainly know for sure is that others are pulling out of the sports betting arena while others are coming in. For those coming out, its just the errors you have been making that have caused you to leave at which you only need to grasp new ideas of how it is done as well as mastering the appropriate strategies that suite your bankroll. 

Therefore, before you consider looking forward to the major events, you certainly have to test each strategy to see if it’s profitable before taking it on major events. If not, these events are known to deplete your bankroll at which punters tend to spend more than anticipated basing on the fact that all major events comprise of a large pool of cash.

I have listed all major racing events for 2012 that will act as a calendar to all punters. You certainly need to keep this so as not to miss any major event.

Date                                                      Event                                                                    Meeting
Sat 21st January                                     Victor Chandler Chase                                            Ascot
Sat 28th January                                     Trials Meeting                                                        Cheltenham
Sat 11th February                                   Totesport Trophy Hurdle                                        Newbury
Sat 18th February                                   Ascot Chase                                                            Ascot      
Sat 25th February                                   Racing Post Chase                                                  Kempton
Sat 10th March                                       Imperial Cup                                                           Sandown                
Tue 13th March                                      Cheltenham Festival                                               Cheltenham           
Wed 14th March                                     Cheltenham Festival                                               Cheltenham           
Thur15th March                                      Cheltenham Festival                                               Cheltenham
Fri16th March                                         Cheltenham Festival                                               Cheltenham
Sat 31st March                                       Lincoln                                                                     Doncaster               
Thur 12th April                                        Grand National Meeting                                        Aintree   
Fri 13th April                                           Grand National Meeting                                        Aintree
Sat 14th April                                          Grand National Meeting                                        Aintree   
Sat 21st April                                          Scottish National                                                    Ayr
Sat 28th April                                          Bet 365 Gold Cup                                                    Sandown                
Sat 5th May                                            2,000 Guineas                                                         Newmarket            
Sun6th May                                             1,000 Guineas                                                         Newmarket
Wed 9th May                                          May Festival                                                           Chester
Thur 10th May                                        May Festival                                                           Chester
Fri 11th May                                           May Festival                                                           Chester   
Sat 12th May                                          Victoria Cup                                                            Ascot      
Wed 16th May                                        May Meeting                                                          York        
Thur 17th May                                        May Meeting                                                          York        
Fri 18th May                                           May Meeting                                                          York        
Sat 19th May                                          Lockinge                                                                  Newbury
Fri 1st June                                             Derby Festival                                                         Epsom
Sat 2nd June                                           Derby Festival                                                         Epsom
Tue 19th June                                         Royal Ascot                                                             Royal Ascot
Wed 20th June                                        Royal Ascot                                                             Royal Ascot
Thur 21st June                                        Royal Ascot                                                             Royal Ascot
Fri 22nd June                                          Royal Ascot                                                             Royal Ascot
Sat 23rd June                                          Royal Ascot                                                             Royal Ascot
Sat 30th June                                          Northumberland Plate                                            Newcastle              
Sat 7th July                                             Eclipse                                                                     Sandown
Thur 12th July                                         July Meeting                                                           Newmarket            
Fri 13th July                                            July Meeting                                                           Newmarket            
Sat 14th July                                           July Meeting                                                           Newmarket
Sat 14th July                                           John Smith’s Cup                                                    York        
Sat 21st July                                            King George Meeting                                             Ascot      
Tue 31st July                                           Glorious Goodwood                                                Goodwood
Wed1st August                                       Glorious Goodwood                                                Goodwood             
Thur 2nd August                                     Glorious Goodwood                                                Goodwood             
Fri 3rd August                                         Glorious Goodwood                                                Goodwood             
Sat 4th August                                        Glorious Goodwood                                                Goodwood             
Wed 22nd August                                   Ebor Meeting                                                          York        
Thur 23rd August                                    Ebor Meeting                                                          York        
Fri 24th August                                       Ebor Meeting                                                          York        
Sat 25th August                                      Ebor Meeting                                                          York        
Sat 8th September                                 Sprint Cup                                                              Haydock 
Thur 13th September                             St Leger Meeting                                                    Doncaster               
Fri 14th September                                                St Leger Meeting                                                    Doncaster               
Sat 15th September                               St Leger Meeting                                                    Doncaster               
Sat 22nd September                               Ayr Gold Cup                                                           Ayr         
Fri 28th September                                                Cambridgeshire Meeting                                        Newmarket            
Sat 29th September                               Cambridgeshire Meeting                                        Newmarket            
Sat 13th October                                    Future Champions Day                                           Newmarket            
Sat 20th October                                    British Champions Day                                           Ascot      
Sat 27th October                                    Racing Post Trophy                                                                 Doncaster               
Sat 10th November                                                November Handicap                                               Doncaster               
Fri 16th November                                 The Open                                                                Cheltenham           
Sat 17th November                                                The Open                                                                                Cheltenham          
Sun 18th November                                The Open                                                                Cheltenham
Sat 24th November                                                Betfair Chase                                                          Haydock
Sat 1st December                                   Hennessy Gold Cup                                                 Newbury
Sat 1st December                                   Fighting Fifth Hurdle                                              Newcastle
Sat 8th December                                   Tingle Creek Chase                                                 Sandown
Fri 14th December                                  International Meeting                                            Cheltenham
Sat 15th December                                 International Meeting                                            Cheltenham
Sat 22nd December                                                Long Walk Hurdle                                                   Ascot      
Wed 26th December                              King George VI Chase                                             Kempton
Thur 27th December                               Welsh National                                                       Chepstow


The Blue Square Tolworth Hurdle

The Blue Square Tolworth Hurdle is a British Grade 1 National Hunt hurdle race at which the age of horses range from 4 to 7 years and get to compete against each other over a distance of about 2 miles and 110 yards. The Tolworth Hurdle is held at Sandown Park.

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There are a total of 8 hurdles and this event is a main feature for the novice hurdler and will run on the 8th of January at 16.10 CET. Last year 2011, the Tolworth Hurdle was sponsored by 32Red an online casino and the event was marked as the 32Red Hurdle. In 2009 and 2010, the Blue Square Tolworth Hurdle was abandoned due to bad weather (frost &snow). This is one of the UK finest meetings that gather the novice and savvy punters to select the winning horse and most of all, punters are able to do online horse betting. All you have to do is check several online sportsbook for the best odds and make sure that all wagers have to be made before post time.

However, there are currently 5 runners but several potential runners are still waiting to feature. In addition, punters should also look at one of the top favorites Ghizao (Paul Nicholls/ Ruby Walsh) at which the jockey Ruby Walsh won 2 times consecutively in 2007 and 2008 and the trainer - Paul Nicholls having won three times. Paul Nicholls is a successful trainer having trained 4 winners of this race.
Other runners to include a star contender Megastar trained by Gary Moore. The trainer says that the horse’s performance maybe affected due to the wetness of the track but insists that the horse is in an excellent condition. 

There are currently 5 registered horses and the good ones are yet to be registered for the race. The event will have lots of surprises as the selection of the lucky winner is unpredictable due to the dampness of the track.
It is not yet so clear if the track will not be affected by weather and further inspection is tacking place to check if the track will cope with the rain.


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