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Kick Ass Strategy for Horse Betting

The KickAss Strategy
In this guide, I will outline a technique that can easily boost your bankroll on any horseracing event.  Horse betting is all about making the money by selecting a horse that you predict will win the race and each horse has an influence on the dividend.
Horse betting is the only sportsbetting activity were wagers cannot pre-calculate their dividend if their outcome is a success. Unlike other sports betting activities, a success in horse betting does not guarantee profits. You may find out that the money you wagered is more than the dividend being paid out at which this results to a loss. However, the gist is you are holding a winning ticket but is it worth a pay check?

Understanding the dividend
Before getting into detail, let me give you a short analysis of how the dividend is calculated. The dividend is given out after the race and it is derived according to the outcome of the horses. On a race form, each horse has odds at which the odds determine the dividend to be paid. Many people tend to think that the dividend is derived from the pool (according to the amount of money wagered on specific horses) at which this is not true. The following factors have influence on the dividend;
  • Low Dividend = favorites show as Win, Place and Show
  • High Dividend = favorites do  not show
  • High Dividend =any one of the favorites show and the rest are underdogs with high odds (the horses that were not expected to win at all)
The point spread in sportsbetting is also used in horsebetting at which the favorites will show low odds that are not attractive to punters while the underdogs/black horses have high odds so as to attract punters. 

How To Construct A Winning Paycheck
From understanding how the dividend is derived, you will notice that each time when favorites show the dividend is very low whereas if the favorites do not show the dividend is high. However, there is a 50% likelihood of any one of the favorites to show at which if you want a guaranteed paycheck you should always include the favorite but is it a high paycheck?
One thing you need to know is that there is a time you certainly need to include the favorites and a time when not to include or be misled by the favorites. If all favorites show, your dividend is very low because these horses were already picked as winning horses at which it is your head start.
From my own point of view as a long term punter, I have observed two things regarding the outcome of the favorites. During major main events, the first two favorites have a 50% chance of showing due to the fact that they are familiar with the race track and they have performed well in the past years running the same event as well as its recent performance in other events.
Now, when looking at favorites for regular events you will find out that the way they are handicapped makes it very difficult to judge their outcome. The favorites are mixed with horses that have not yet ran a track ‘ first run’ or horses that have never come first but have shown as place in other races. Hence, selecting/including such favorites can be very difficult. If you are a regular punter, I guess you have noticed that favorites do not frequently show during regular events. Hence, if you wager on all races of a particular race course during the day and you do not include the favorites, you can score big. 

Implementing The Strategy
From the above, I hope you have understood that favorites have a major influence on the dividend and these results to a low dividend if all of them show. But if any one of the favorites show, the dividend is favorable.  In addition, favorites frequently show during major events and seldom show during regular events. 

Let’s start focusing on the regular horse racing events. Personally, I love wagering on the Singapore horse races mainly the Kranji (running every week Friday & Saturday). My theory and strategy has always been successful, not so quite sure when used on other regular racing events but for the Kranji, I have mastered it from the back and front of my palm. 

The kranji, all its races have a maximum of 14 horses and they never go above. Some are 12 and you may find one or two races with horses less than 11. 

Upon taking the race form, I start off with the first race. If it has 14 horses, I remove the favorites – these are the four horses that have been listed on the race form.The reason for removing the favorites is that they tend to mislead punters. (Some online sportbooks will only list the horses according to the odds at which the horses listed above are usually the favorites if you make use of the filter option to sort the horses. But to avoid confusion, simply contact the helpdesk of the sportbook to request for the horse form download pdf version; this is a must for all punters because it shows detailed information of each particular horse). After removing the favorites, if you look and analyze the odds of each horse you will find out that there are two horses that have the worst odds and their odds are similar or slightly similar. I also remove these two because they are very unlikely to win or show during the race. (The removal of the last two horses with bad odds tends to be debated but the following example will show how the last two horses are removed)
This example will show how to remove the last two horses according to its odds. Since we have removed the first 4 horses (the 4 listed favorites) we will concentrate on the remaining 10 horses at which we are now searching for the last two to be removed.
Suppose the odds show as
Example 1       Example 2
      Odds              Odds
Win         Place        Win         Place
Horse 5   8/1   32/25    Horse 5    7/2   8/10
Horse 6   12/1   19/10    Horse 6    4/1   23/25
Horse 7   14/1   56/25    Horse 7    11/2    5/4
Horse 8   16/1   5/2   Horse 8    7/1           16/10
Horse 9   20/1   32/10    Horse 9    8/1            46/25
Horse 10   25/1   4/1    Horse 10   12/1     69/25
Horse 11  25/1        4/1    Horse 11   16/1         92/25
Horse 12   25/1        4/1    Horse 12    16/1         92/25
Horse 13  75/1   12/1    Horse 13    50/1        23/2
Horse 14  75/1        12/1    Horse 14    66/1    15/1

Analyzing the odds, you can observe that the last two horses have got odds that are way above the rest at which they have been given high odds to make them attractive to punters. However, horses with such odds seldom show in a race and given that anyone shows, the odds are way extremely high.  But if you are to analyses all races per day, you will find out that the last two horses do not show often at which this strategy tends to remove these. Somehow, the handicappers tend to place one or two horses that will be place holders although they are at par with all other horses.
Now looking at the chart, after removing the favorites (4 horses) and the last two horses with bad odds, you will remain with 8 horses and these are the winning horses. After having your 8 horses, if you take a closer look at the odds, the horses that seem to have similar odds i.e. 25/1 can have the ability to win or at least show in a race.
With these 8 horses, you will now have to include the top favorite making it a total of 9 horses. Adding the top favorite gives the benefit of a doubt given that if a favorite is to show it is highly likely to be a top favorite.
According to your budget, the best betting options to include is the swinger bets, trifecta and quartet. These bets should be played with the 8 horses with the exclusion of the top favorite. The swinger bets and the trifecta bets can be a combination of the two as follows,
Example 1: Combination of the trifecta and swinger bets
5, 6, 7|8, 9, 10
5, 6, 7|10, 11, 12
5, 8, 12|7, 10, 9
One thing you need to know is that these bets should be played as multiples of 5 or more. If you have a tight budget the best betting option is the quartet.
With the quartet bet, the top favorite is included and made the banker. This bet can be played as fractional bets if you have a tight budget.
Example 2: Quartet Bet
Banker (Top Favorite)| Field
1|5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

This technique of including a top favorite is applicable for regular events whereas in major events the technique is similar but this time favorites tend to frequently show at which the technique includes two top favorites.
The trifecta and swinger bets adopt a similar concept since you will be just searching for any combination that will grab two horses and trigger the swinger bet making use of the trifecta and swinger combination.
The quartet bet should be played twice for major events will be as follows
  1. Banker (Top Favorite)| Field 9 horses including Second Top Favorite
  2. Banker (Second Top Favorite)| Field 9 horses including Top Favorite

In order to maximize or realize profits using this strategy, you should make sure that all races are played using the same strategy and it should be consistent.

Make sure to call us today to turn a profit with horse betting at 1-888-730-2667 as you can see from the above writing we know what we are talking about. 


Horse Racing - A Quick Guide to Get Ahead With The New Year:

Make sure to call now at 1-888-730-2667 to get ahead with our 2013 Horse Racing Picks. Last year our clients made over $67,350 following our horse handicapping advice.
As the year begins, horse punters are looking forward to maximize on the upcoming major horseracing events and newcomers are eager to learn and master the tricks at an early start.  
There are things you need to learn and grasp whether you are a professional punter or newbie.  The start of the year is the right time you can gear-up and start making profits. This is the time when you look back at your past performance as well as comparing your lows and highs.
Even the professional punters, when looking back, they can recall an event were they did blunders;
“I should have wagered more, I underestimated that jockey/horse”
“Oh no, why didn’t I wager on that race, I had all the horses on paper”
“Now that was a dump move, I shouldn’t have put so much trust/confidence on that horse”
In horseracing, mistakes are possible and they come in multiples causing a huge loss but as a professional punter you need to know how to lessen your mistakes to a minimal.  Others may debate to say that professional punters do not have room for mistakes but there is something you need to put into consideration. 
From a professional punter’s point of view, the golden rule to be applied should be as follows;
“If a loss incurs from one particular race, its losses should be covered by gains from other races and breaks even”
This is true but if you have incurred a loss in a particular race this means that there is something you did that caused such a loss at which you need to detect and fix your leaks. Now, when newbies try to apply this concept they may tend to lose so much and incur higher losses thinking that they will cover their losses if they keep wagering on other races.
Horse betting is very risky and each given horse has an equally likely chance of winning (horses are handicapped) and the professionals know this. In order to get a winning edge in horseracing there are two things of paramount importance: The selection of horses and the betting options to be used.
Selecting Your Horses
In order to win, you need to select the right horses for that particular race. Selecting a horse should not be biased (looking only at the favorites) and you should avoid picking horses according to their sounding names at which this is one common mistake often done by newbies.
On the other hand, you should not wager on a horse according to your heart’s desire but rather try using your brain.  Many people tend to think that having dreams of certain numbers can give you a winning edge in horse betting. It may work for you today but certainly this will not be consistent because lady luck will not keep knocking on your door regularly. Skill and tactic is the only way you can keep winning at horseracing.
Firstly, when looking at the race form, you should look at the odds given to each particular horse. The odds make it easier to group your horses. For newbies, horses that have high odds do not perform well while horses with low odds are good and often referred to as the favorites. For example, two horses with odds 55/1 and 3/1 would mean that the favorite/best horse out of the two is the horse with odds 3/1.
One thing you need to understand is that the odds only give you a picture of the horse’s performance but will not guarantee that it will be the winner. Odds are set according to the horses past performance as well as its performance during training. Other horses may have bad odds due to its consistency of false starts, and many other factors that cause the horse to underperform at which it can surprise everyone during the main event.
The online race form shows summarized odds whereas the actual race form/printout version shows how the odds are derived. The race form will include detailed information such as the trainer, jockey, the weight of the horse, its last run date, second last run, third last run, the number of times it has appeared as a win, place and runs and other vital statistics.
Horses that have been marked ‘first run’ are very difficult to select and the ones that have a previous track record are easier. Hence, selecting a race with horses that have previous track records can easily help you to select good horses.
Other important factors you should consider are the length of the race track, the conditions of the race track (muddy, sandy, etc.) as well as the fast starters.  Fast starters perform well in sandy and muddy race tracks over short distances but if the length of the race track is long they tend to suffer on endurance.
Your Betting options
After selecting your horses, you need to know the betting option to use in order to maximize your gains. One thing you need to know is that straight bets (win, place and show), and exacta bets should be played as multiples in order for you to maximize your gains. These bets give out a small payout/dividend because they are very cheap. For instance, a wager of a $1 for a straight bet such as a win can give out a dividend of about $10 or even more if the horse was not marked as one of the favorites.  Also, the dividend paid out can be lower than $10 such as a $2.50 or bellow. This means that for every dollar that you wagered you will get a profit of $1.50. Hence, the more money wagered, is the more you get.
Wagering on straight bets can be very risky because they are hard to hit and boxing all horses would be very expensive and if the dividend is low this would result in losses than gains. Straight bets and exacta bets are cheap when compared to all other betting options but getting that specific horse tends to be very tough at which it will be like searching for a needle in a hay stack. And after finding it, you may be disappointed with the payout dividend.
Betting options which pay are the exotic bets (trifecta, quartet /superfecta, pick 6). Newbies tend to think that exotic bets are for the high rollers or people with a bigger budget.  However, with exotic bets, these can be played as fractional bets.
For instance, if an exotic bet such as quartet/superfecta – 12 horses boxed costs about $2000+ but if you look closely on the online betting tab you should notice 3 segments for your bet
(1)    Possible combinations
(2)    Stack size
(3)    Cost of Bet

The segment (possible combinations) cannot be altered and it generates the possible combinations to the number of horses selected according to boxes, floating banker, etc.
The stack size can be altered by the user/punter. For instance, a selection of 12 horses boxed would automatically show as 1 stack size meaning that it is being played once.  Increasing the stack size means that you are creating multiples of your bet at which the dividend paid out will be multiplied according to your stack size.
Now, if you are considering playing fractional bets on the exotic you should pay attention to the stake size.  If the stack size shows an initial value of 1 it would generate automatically the cost of the bet. For example, a quartet bet showing a stake value of 1 and total cost of bet is $2,000 can be adjusted to a fractional bet by adjusting your stack size of 1 to a lower value. For example, reducing the stack size to show as 0.20 would mean that you have set a fractional bet of 20% against the dividend. If the dividend pays out as $10,000 you will be awarded a share of the $10,000 equivalent to 20%. Hence, reducing the stack size to a value below 1 would result in fractional betting and this would be the percentage you will obtain from the dividend.
Fractional betting reduces your cost of bet, a lower fraction e.g. 0.10 would be cheap but also bear in mind that you will get only 10% of the dividend.  But the major advantage of playing exotic bets is that their dividend is usually high especially for major horseracing events at which fractional bets are highly profitable.
If you have a very low budget, why not try playing exotic bets as fractions, they can be very profitable especially when you target the major upcoming horseracing events this year.


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