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Fighting Fifth Hurdle

Situated in Great Britain, horses of the age four and above participate in the Fighting Fifth Hurdle which is a level 1 race. There are 9 hurdles that each horse has to jump over a distance that is ranged 2 miles or 3,219 meters, and this takes place at Newcastle. The race is administered by Northern Racing Ltd and is programmed to begin either late November of early December every year.

This occasion was founded in 1969 and the opening race was taken by Mugatpura. The name is the Fighting Fifth which is the nickname of the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers. However, the squad
which was known formally as the 5thRegiment of Fusiliers and that took place the sane year as the race’s launch.

In the 1970’s Bird’s Nest and Comedy of Errors were the two achievers of the Fighting Fifth Hurdle. Basically the Fighting Fifth Hurdle was categorized at level 2 and run as a partial bet in the 1990s. Bellway Homes, Pertemps and Newcastle building society are the past investors and then it was upgraded to level 1 in 2004 and has made it to be the top and first level hurdle race in the season of the British National chase. In 2010 StanJames.com the online sports book took over as the investor of the Fighting Fifth. Stan James aided a number of races that included International Hurdle which was at Cheltenham and the race at Haydock which was the Champion Hurdle Trial.

The main names that you can find in the StanJames.com of THE Fighting Fifth Hurdle are Zarkandar, My Tent and The New gearing for the main event scheduled on the 30th of November 2013. Zarkandar who is trained by Paul Nicholls had only one setback last season and was fourth at the Champion Hurdle and triumphed in passing The New One AT Aintree.

For the first level one hurdle that is to take place in Britain this season, Nicholls has a number of choices with 4 year old Far West. He is renowned to have taken second position last weekend in the Elite Hurdle and Ptit Zig the grade one winner in France. To finish the team of Nicholls is Caid Du Berlais who was second at Down Royal to Jezki.

For the champion Hurdle Nigel Twiston Davies has joined the New One and he is likely to lead to Cheltenham for next month’s International Hurdle. On the other hand, My Tent or Yours was second to Champagne Fever in the Hurdle lead of the Supremes might signify Nicky Henderson. In the Elite Hurdle which was at Wincanton Melodic Rendezvous has the race as a marked just like Cockeny Sparrow mare to John Quinn.

However, she managed to stand the ground and John Quinn has the view that in terms of speed she s spot on and thus entering her at Newcastle in the Fighting Fifth is not an option just as long the track is perfect for her. As a mare she is great and has attitude that is perfect and has awesome speed. regiment and three others came together to come up with Royal.


Quick Guide to Betting the Horses

Below is a description of normal kind of bets in North American race course with how the minimum wagers function. These bets are situated in all sorts of tracks and this includes harness, thoroughbred, greyhound tracks and quarter horse. A hand book for guessing the amount of bets in combination multiples for example boxes, charts and keys.
Wager Types:
Win: it is a bet of $2 at most race courses. Basically the horse that you betting on must come out first.
Place: it is a $2 bet occurring in most tracks and the horse must either top to first place or second place so you can collect.
Show:  it is a minimum bet of $2 and to collet, the horse you are betting on must make it to first, second or third position.
Exacta: two horses are played here and they should take first and second position in that order so that you can gather and it is a minimum bet of $2.
Exacta Box: Two horses are played and must either come first or second in order for you to take your winnings. However, this is a $1 bet since it consists multiple bets in a mix.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Trifecta: three horses are bet on and must come first, second and third in the same order and it is minimum bet of $2.
Trifecta Key: three horses are played here. You have to select one horse to triumph and that is called the key horse that must take first position. Then the remaining two horses are to come second and third for you to get your winnings. You can win if you bet on more than two horses that have taken second and third and this is a multiple bet thus it has a minimum bet of $1. 
Trifecta Box: you bet on three horses and they should take first, second and third position so that you can collect your winnings. This s a bet of $1 because it is a multiple bet.
Superfecta: four horses are played here and should take first, second, third and fourth position in that way. It is a $2 bet.
Superfecta Box: you have to bet on four horses and should come up to first , second, third and fourth position in any way, it does not have to be in order. This is a minimum bet of 4 in some race courses and in others it is 10 cents.
Superfecta Key: four horses are played here and you have to select one horse to win which is the key horse. The horses must come in order from first place to fourth place. Basically you can win if you use three or more horses to show that three of those horses can be successful. Then if you use four horses they have to come up to first, second third and fourth position in a particular order. This is a minimum bet of $1 and in some instances it is 10 cents.
Win Odds and Payoffs for a $2.00 wager





















Hennessy Gold Cup

This is graded at level 3 in Great Britain and it is suitable for horses that are aged 4 years and above. In this race there are 21 fences that each horse has to jump in a distance of 3 miles and 21 ½ furlongs and that is about 5,331 meters. This race takes place at Newbury and it is arranged to occur every single year in late November or even early December.

This occasion was formed in 1957 and it was usually raced at Cheltenham. The opening winner was Mandarin whom Peggy Hennessy owned and an associate of family that established Hennessy the company that aids the race. However, it was moved in 1960 to Newbury and Mandarin continues\d to triumph in 1961 for the second time. Taxidermist who was ridden by John Lawrence was the winner of the second running. Taxidermist was later ridden by Lord Oaksey the gamekeeper and part -owner Caruthers the winner of 2011.

Throughout history the union of the race with Hennessy has progressed and now it is signified as Britain’s racing commercial funder. Whitbread Gold Cup held the previous reputation for seven months before Hennessy.

Basically, the Hennessy gold cup has been taken by 8 horses which have been successful in the Cheltenham Gold Cup. Bobs Worth has been of late the achiever in the 2013 race.

The Runners

Imperial Commander is scheduled to perform well in the Hennessy Gold Cup and not the Betfair Chase which is at Haydock and is a week before. The hero of the Cheltenham Gold Cup of 2010 has in the former years been raced lightly and has undergone some problems in April was moved up in the Grand National.

However, the 12 year olds trainer Nigel Twiston Davies is satisfied with his state and stated that for the Hennessy cup it is very much a possibility that he will be present. The trainer also added that the horse is in excellent shape and very fit like never before. Basically the horse is ready for Newbury.

On the other hand, Lord Windermere is on track to feature in the Hennessy Gold Cup as he does occasionally. However, Jim Culloty is in hope that most of the horses that on top of his 7 year old horse will remain in the amazing chase of November 30 to grant a weight that he can race with.
Basically if Lord Windermere participates then his strive will be removing Bobs worth of Nicky Henderson, who triumphed the RSA and 2012 Hennessey.

However, according to Culloty he said that his excited about racing in the Hennessy for the first time and has kept in mind that it is a race that is challenging but is positive about the horse. The trainer is hoping that Tidal Bay hits a weight of 171 which will set them with a perfect weight but the only issue is that of the horses that are above them.

Alan King trainer of Invictus will carry on in getting him ready for the race at Newbury this week. In
terms of character the 7-1 favorite is appropriate as a soft raced intelligent beginner who poised three
of his four turns over the fences. The last time Invictus was on a race course was last year in February
where he had a cartilage injury as he was getting ready for the RSA race at Cheltenham event. Now he has been training for some time and he has proven to be a stable horse.

Another runner is Opening Batsman who has been tested in headgear after an unsatisfactory joining of his occasional occurrence at Ascot in the United House Gold Cup on the 2ndprovide the horse with blinkers to get him ready for the following race in the Hennessy Gold Cup on the 30TH of November at Newbury.

In the recent blog for Stan James.com Opening Batsman was totally unsatisfactory and he never even
attempted to cover a yard. However, at the Hennessy entry he will be taught in headgear and the next
time he comes he will be seen with either blinkers or cheek pieces.

Emma Lavelle is expecting a race course that is soft for Highland Lodge at the months end. On the 9thof November the character of the 7 year old was granted an enhancement when Standing Ovation simply triumphed at Wincanton with the Badger Ales Trophy. However, Highland Lodge almost passed youngster to David Pipe when he tried to allow two stones in weight in October in the Desert Orchid Trophy. Basically, Highland Lodge is ready for the Hennessey and wants it as light as it can get because soft track is what he enjoys and simply keeps moving.

Horse Betting For the Newbies

Since we like to educate and help out the average horse gambler on best practices and ways to win at the track we figured compiling a list of tips and advice would be the proper thing to do. Of course if you are going to the track give us a call at 1-888-730-2667. 

Ever since horses have been running people have been betting on them. If you are aware of what you are doing the horse race will be exciting and you will gain a lot too. However, betting on horse racing for dummies grants a lot of assistance to improve your odds and advice is included on what to focus on and what instruments cant assist you at the track and as well as bet placing and chances of winning.

How to Place a Wager on a Horse Race

It is not a complex process to bet on horse racing. In most cases when a bet doesn’t go as you have planned you rip up the ticket and in some cases you can be lucky and return your ticket to the window to cash in your victories. Here is a process to follow in betting:
1.        Say the race track title
2.        Show the race figure you are betting on
3.        Signify the dollar element of the bet you are betting on
4.        The kind of bet should be stated.
5.        Show the amount of horses you are to use
6.        Always make sure you thoroughly checked your ticket before moving from the window

Betting Tools You Need at the Horse Races

At a race track a few things play a vital role including an umbrella or sunscreen. To be able to have a clear view of your favorite horse pass the line binoculars will assist you. However, here are some things to consider when at a horse race:
·         Racetrack program: this has all the detailed information that you need about the player and it is the same as any other program that you can find in any game. Basically here the players are the horses, trainers, jockeys and the owners too. The amount is usually $3.
·          The Daily Racing Form (DRF):  it gives past deeds of every horse that will be participating on the program that day. It also has data of articles on horse racing and betting by DRF members. It amounts only to $4.
·         Public handicapper selections: if the home newspaper covers a race track they may wager a bettor to do options of horses on a daily bases. The amount is 50 cents.
·         Handicapping tip sheets: these are released daily options by bettors at the racetrack. The amount costs $2.

How to Make a Show Parlay Bet on Horse Races

A group show parlay is an exciting technique to consider when wagering on horse races and it does not leave anyone out in the group it involves everyone. Each person in the group has to take out $5 then they select one race and one horse to gamble on. The set your first bet and if you succeed parlay the cash to following race and horse. Winnings can be summed up fast like for instance when four participants have a summed bet of $20 and then each individual gets $3 as a win then after the four races you get $101. 

Helpful Facts for Betting on Horse Racing

The aspect below will equip you to improve chances:
·         Each and every race track consists of a television reporter who reports between the races. You have to ensure that you pay close attention to him so that you can select any facts that you can you use as you bet.
·         In the jockey fixings in most cases the top ten riders win 90% of the races that are raced during the race.
·         For the liked horses a percentage of 33% is what is fixed on their winnings and that is at all times a payoff that is low.
·         It has been assumed that the morning line is not what the odds maker likes in the race, basically it is his assumption of how the audience will wager the race.

Types of Horse Racing Wagers (and Your Chances of Winning)

Before you even place a bet on a horse you need to be aware of the kind of bet you want use. You can create a list from an easy bet on one horse in a race in selecting the top horses the six races. Below is data that can assist you in any way possible:

Bet Type                                                                                                                                             
Show                          : Your selected horse should appear in any order 1st, 2nd 3rd or 4th
Place                          : Your choice of horse should come out in position 1 or 2
Win                            : Your selected horse should appear in first place.
Quinella                    : your horse selection should come out either 1st or 2nd position in any order.
Exacta                       : your horse selection should appear 1st or 2nd in that order.
Trifecta                     : Your horse selection should appear in any order of 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
Superfecta               : your selection of your horse should come up to position 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th.
Daily double            : your horse selection should win the two races that are running.
Pick 3                        : your selected horse must win the three races that are in progress.
Pick 4                        : your selected horse should win four of the races that are running.
Pick 6                        : your selected horse should win six of the races that are in progress.


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