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137th Running of the Kentucky Derby Run for the Roses

Kentucky Derby ‘The Run For The Roses’

The Kentucky Derby is a Grade 1 stake race for three-year-old Thoroughbred horses. The event is held annually on the first week of May and this year it will be held on the 7th day of May 2011 and marks its 137th year running of the derby. Racing on a one and a quarter mile (2.012 km) at Churchill Downs and will show case America’s best 3-year-old Thoroughbreds.

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The Kentucky Derby  also known as the ‘Run for the Roses’ is one of the crown jewels and is the first leg of the US triple crown of Thoroughbred racing followed by Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes. The winner has to win all three to be the Triple Crown winner.  

Just a few days away to finding the Triple Crown winner, punters are eager to invest most of their fortune in anticipation of grabbing a token from the large pools. With a lot of horses to select from, and each having a chance of winning, one has to be tactile. 

The bets have to be smart, like any other sport you would have to look at each horse’s past and recent performance. It would be ideal to select the best horses that perform in strongest group since all horses will be running the furthest they have ever run. Sticking to favorites is worthwhile and playing exactas can really boost your bankroll. Playing exactas can give you a potential to win bigger.
Another way of investing your money in this event is to play box bets. You would have to play all combinations possible. It also allows you to play favorites thereby increasing your chances of winning. Boxes are a good way of picking more than one horse and little nicer on the wallet. 

Many professional punters will look at a winner horse based according to past performance, wetness conditions, type of track, and the distance. Although the information tends to be bulk, it is worthwhile especially when you need to select a winner. 

Derby bets can be a lot difficult having 20 horses in the field and computing possible combinations of the outcome can be complex. However, it’s not about luck but you certainly need to go deep. If you don’t like the favorites when concentrating on win bets then playing several horses can pay off big. 

You also have to be cautious with exotics. Having a lot of different types of exotics can be very expensive and you may lose your money. For instance, you can win one or two types of exotics but due to many exotics played you will be in a position where you will not even make a favorable return form your investment. Therefore, you need to craft your bets to cover both your total investment as well as your risk. 

For punters, I would urge you to concentrate on the longshots and exotics as the pools will be much bigger, and your return can be bigger as well. 

Be in the money, place your bets during this year’s big event and you could walk away with great fortune.


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