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Horse Betting Tips

Horse Betting Tips

Horse Betting Tips from the Pros 

If you need a winning edge in horse racing then your certainly need to follow the exact procedures. In this guide, you will learn various ways on how to select your winning horses in any given race. The guide will help you sharpen and improve your horse betting skills as well as giving you a good return on your investment.
As a professional punter, you should avoid being misled by what others tell you. Hence, you should always bring out facts through analysis and make the final decision. Your strategy should be unique and your own style. However, there are a few tips you need to consider when doing your analysis and research.
1. Firstly, you need to look at the favorites before you think of selecting any horse. It is a known fact that favorites have a 30% chance of winning in a race and these can either win, place or show in a race. On the other hand, if it is a main event, favorites that have previously won the race have a greater chance of winning. Thus, favorites would come first but this does not mean you should not look at the rest.
2. From the favorites, you now have to look at the underdogs. With the underdogs, there are various factors you need to consider. In a horse race, it’s a known fact that one or more horses can be scratched and this is often caused by false/poor starts. Hence, when selecting a horse, you need to consider its starts and if it has a history of false starts then the horse should be avoided.

3.  You also need to check each horse’s previous performance. At times, many people tend to be mislead by the favorites and underdogs. For example, a favorite horse that keeps winning over short distances does not guarantee a win over long distance and the reverse is true. With horse racing, it’s all about analyzing the odds for that particular race track as well as the runners. Therefore, when looking at main events you should also check the distance of the track and compare it with the previous tracks that have been won by the favorites.

4.  Horses are known to bring out a lot of surprises. For instance, punters should take note of horses that have recently been placed with blinds or those that have had their blinds removed. As a punter, you need to know that horses are able to see two visions at apparently the same time thus when blinds have been placed it helps the horse to see direct and focus mainly on the track. It has been observed that horses that have recently been placed or removed blinds are subject to fail or improve drastically in a race but as a professional punter, you have to avoid such horses cause if it is scratched that is money going down the drain.

In addition, when selecting your horses, you should avoid doing random selection and selecting horses according to their sounding names is a recipe to disaster. Always place your bets according to analysis and research and most of all, be confident that your horses will win. After selecting your horses, all you have to do is select the best type of bets and watch your money grow. With bets, try selecting boxes/exotic bets at which they reduce the risk of you losing. If you do not have much money then consider placing fractional bets for boxes/exotics.

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