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Common Types Of Horse Terms

Common Types Of Horse Terms

As a punter, you certainly need to understand the various horse terns and types of bets used in the game. Like any sport, you will come across several terms and if you are new to the game these may seem to be jargon. If consider taking horseracing to an advanced stage then knowing the terms will be an easy way to get started.

Before you think of how much you can wager and which bet is profitable you need to learn about the various type of bets available as well as the terms so as to select a betting option of preference. In this guide, I will list various terms used in horseracing.

Across the board – This is a term used for a bet place on a win or place bet.
Colt – A term given to a male horse that is utmost four years
Claiming Races – Horses competing to be bought by licensed owners at a claimed or stated price.
Allowance Races – A race of quality horses at which each horse has to meet certain conditions in order to be eligible to race
Derby – Stakes horserace for three year olds
Dark Day – A Day at the racecourse when there is no any racing activity taking place
Race Card – A schedule of races on a predetermined date and time
Filly – A term given to a female horse that is utmost four years
Furlong – The distance given to a racetrack measuring 1/8 of a mile
Gelding – A term referring to a male horse that has had all its testicles removed
Handle – The sum of all wagers on a race
Juvenile – A term given to young horses that are utmost 2 years old
Mare – A term given to female horses that are at least 5 years old
Maiden – A term given to a horse that has not won any race
Parimutuels – A term used to refer a betting system at which bettors get to collect a dividend from the total amount wagered after the horse percentage has been deducted
Past Performance – The history of the horses past performance also looking at the wins, jockey, racetrack, etc.
Route – A Term given to a racetrack for thoroughbred greater than one mile
Scratch – A term referring to a horse withdrawn from a race
Stakes/Handicap Races – A term referred to a race featuring the best horses competing against each other for the highest price money.
Ridgling – A male horse of any age that has one or two undescended testicles
Slow – A term referred to a racetrack that has been muddy and is now drying out
Sprint – A racetrack that is less than a mile
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