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Understanding Types of Horse Races

Understanding Types of Horse Races

In this guide, I will briefly list the types of horse races available throughout Britain and most of these races are split between stake races and handicap races. Generally, the list will explain the different types of horse races offered in Britain. Most punters would agree with me that the majority of all major horse racing events are British or Irish horses at which every punter keeps track of Britain horse races more often.

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The list will help you to understand the types of horse races shown on the race form and this will also help you on deciding which race can yield profitable dividends for your investment.

Race Type       Description
Group                                     A group race is the highest class of race and usually grouped as 1, 2 and 3.
Listed                                     A type of race that is slightly below group races
Rated Stakes                          This is a type of race at which the horses are handicapped according to weight of 10 – 14lb
Classified Stakes                   A type of race that consists of horses that have ran at least 3 times or have won once and ran twice.
Handicap This is a type of race at which the weight of a horse is determined by the handicapper and its handicap rating increases according to its performance and all horses will race against each other where their handicap ratings are equal.
Nursery   This is a type of race that consists of handicapped 2 year old horses only.
Maiden                                   This is a type of race that consists of horses that have never won a race.
Maiden Handicap                 A type of race consisting of 3 year old+ horses with a rating of 70 and have all ran at least 4 times.
Novice A type of race consisting 2 year olds that have not won more than twice
Auction Maiden                   The auctioning of two year olds sold at a specified sale.
Selling A type of race at which all runners are low class horses and the winners are auctioned as well as the runners.
Apprentice                            A race for apprentice jockeys only
Lady   Female apprentices and female amateurs
Gentlemen                             A Race of male amateurs


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