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Selecting A Winning Horse – Comparison of Its Past and Present Performance

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Selecting A Winning Horse – Comparison of Its Past and Present Performance

In order to selecting a winning, you need to look into several factors concerning that particular race. As a reminder, punters should not be misled by the horses marked as the favorites. Always bear in mind that horses are handicapped and each horse has an equal chance of winning.
Punters always ask this question, ‘should I always base my winning horse according to its previous performance?’

Selecting a horse that has been performing well in its past or present races tends to be a lot tricky. The correct answer to the above question can have a weight of 50% on both sides – yes or no. Comparing horses according to their past performance can give punters a clearer picture on which horses are likely to win. However, on the other hand there are several factors you would need to consider before taking judgment. If you consider selecting your wining horse according to its previous performance then look for a horse that has been consistent not a horse that performs well in a few races or its present races and keeps losing form now and again. Such horses are bad for investment and they will always let you down. But, with such horses there is always room for further analysis.
You may tend to find out that the performance of a horse tends to fluctuate, its either today it performs well or tomorrow it performs dismally.  Now, what you need to do is make a comparison of its good performance against its poor performance. The results you will come up with are that the horse tends to perform well according to certain specific conditions and if it’s to perform badly, the conditions would have moved against it.

For instance, the factors that have effect towards the horse’s performance include, the distance of the racetrack, the conditions of the racetrack, the change of jockey, change of trainer, its weight, total weight of the horse and the jockey, its age as well as other factors.

Some horses tend to perform well over short distances and fail to perform well over long distances due to lack of endurance. Hence, if it was performing well over short distances it is highly likely to perform well on other short distances taking note of the conditions of the racetrack such as muddy, wet, flat etc.
Another setback that can change the performance of a horse is the change of jockey. For instance, if a horse was performing poorly and suddenly changes its jockey, there are chances that it can either improve or become worse. For instance, if the jockey’s weight is lighter than the previous jockey, the horse can improve in its speed because it is now carrying a lighter weight than the previous. Another important factor is how the jockey maneuvers the horse during the race.

The horse’s weight plays a pivotal role when it comes to selecting a winning horse and punters should not be fooled to think that the light weight will always win. Horses that have a mass slightly higher than others tend to have more stamina and endurance when racing over long distances especially when it’s jockey has a lighter mass. If the jockey’s mass is heavy and the horse has more weight than the others, the total mass becomes heavy for the horse to carry and it will certainly not perform well.

Generally, when selecting a winning horse, its best to compare its past and present performance based on the factors that affect its performance. By doing so, you will be able to observe which conditions suit a particular horse at which this becomes easy for you to select your winning horse.   


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