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Type of Horse Bets

Type of Horse Bets
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If you are passionate about horse betting you certainly need to know the various types of bets available
to help you get started. Horse betting is a difficult spot but with great knowledge you are able to attain
a good return on your investment. Just like any other form of betting, you certainly need to practice as
well as trying out each bet so as to select a betting option of preference.

Another vital aspect you need to consider when selecting betting option is its relation to your bankroll
as well as its possibility of a favorable outcome. In this guide, I will outline various types of Horse bets available.

The first simplest horse bets to learn are the Straight bets which include Win Bet, Place Bet, Show Bet
and The Swinger Bet at which you get to select any one horse in the race with the exception of the
Swinger Bet.

With the Win Bet, you simply select any horse you consider to be the winner.

Example: Calling The Bet - Race 1: $10 win on No.8. Please note: If the horse wins, you get a payout
dividend according to the total amount wagered. Thus, if the results come out as Tab Win: $14.36 and
No.8 is the winner, this means that if the minimum bet allowed is pegged at $1, you will get to receive
$14.36 for every $1 wagered. In this case, your total dividend payout is $143.60

With the Place Bet, you select any horse that you think will either come out 1st, or 2nd in a race. Please note: there is no place betting in a horse race with max 6 runners or less. The Place Bet is another way at which you can reduce your risk when playing the Win Bet. This means you can play both the win bet and the place bet. If it wins, you win both sides and if the Win bet does not come through but The Place Bet is a win, you can win a dividend that can cover your Win Bet. Calling the bet: $10 Place on No6. With the Show Bet, you get to select any horse that you think will come out top 3. Calling the bet: $10
Show on No6.

*Please Note: some Totes will include both the Place bet and The Show Bet as Place bets and dividend is paid out according to the order of outcome.

Another common bet is the Swinger Bet. With the swinger bet also known as the pair bet, you get to
select any two horses that you think will win the race in any predetermined order - 1st and 2nd; 2nd and 1st; 2nd and 3rd or 3rd and 2nd; 1st and 3rd or 3rd and 1st. Calling the bet: Swinger 7/11

Now, we will look at the various types of bets commonly known as Exotic Bets because the betting
is done in an order at which the horse will finish the race. The commonly known exotic bets include:
Exacta Bet, Trifecta Bet, Quartet Bet, and The Quinella Bet

Exacta Bet: You get to select any two horses that you think will win in the exact order – 1st and 2nd.
However, if you are uncertain which of the two horses will come out first or second you can simply take the Exacta Box Bet at which the horses selected can finish in any order e.g. 12 and 7 and 7 and 12.

Calling the bet: Exacta 12/7 or Exacta Box 12/7
Trifecta Bet: You get to select any three horses in a race that you think will finish in the exact order. The Trifecta bet is very difficult when compared to the Win, Place, Show and Swingers bets but their dividend can be very high. The Trifecta Bet has several bet ways which include Straight line, Box, Single Floating Banker, and Single Banker Fixed Position.
Quartet Bet: The Quartet bet is similar to the trifecta bet but the only difference is that you get to select any four horses that you fancy will finish in the exact order: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. This type of bet is more complex and very expensive and the dividend is very high at times thousands of dollars. It also has similar bet ways to as the Trifecta bet - Straight line, Box, Single Floating Banker, and Single Banker Fixed Position.

Quinella Bet: You select any horse that you think will finish first or second irrespective of the order.

As a new punter, exotic bets can be very expensive but you should not shun away from these types of
bets as you can place fractional bets at which for each dividend paid you get to receive a fraction of
the dividend. Always try out each bet so as to select a bet that is effective and compatible with your


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