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Cirrus Des Aigles in 'perfect' nick for Champions Day, says trainer

October 18, 2013
In 2011 at Ascot, Cirrus Des Aigles flourished to be the winner of the Champion Stakes with Christopher

Soumillon aboard. According to his trainer Corine Barande- Barbe, ‘the horse is in great shape and ready

to defend his title on Saturday at Ascot’. His trainer has revealed that Christopher Soumillon would be

riding the horse again as he has been successful on the horse for last month by winning twice.

The designers of this event could not have pictured Barade- Barbe as being amongst its important

supporters but her confidence has become attractive and outstanding. She has managed to win the

most vital race in 2011 and sent away Frankel in the past year. Cirrus Des Aigles will certainly be the

main sparkle of the event for the 3rd


Barande- Barbe from her spot in Chantilly, north of Paris said, “You must always respect the opposition,

but that does not hinder him from winning. He is in great condition, health wise he is in a perfect state

and definitely cruising to the top all the way”. Bookmakers offer no better than 5-4, though some had

him on 16-1 a month ago. The trainer is very much confident about her horse as he is showcasing a lot

of stability in terms of racing.

A month ago where some had him at 16-1, he had not been victorious for about a year and the people

began to be less confident in him. This is because in Hong Kong in December he strained his ligament

and that caused him to stay on the sidelines for a whole half year. Of the continuous disappointments

that came about it portrayed a negative element towards him that he might not gain his former stance.

Even now after a series of triumphs they are still suspicions overshadowing his competence. But other

than that the win at Longchamp on Arc weekend was enthusiastic and Barande- Barbe is glee with


Even though he is not getting younger but getting older his strengths simply show that he is still up

his game. However, trainer Barande- Barbe puts it out there that she does not view his losses as a

disappointment but has concrete reasons for them. At Saint-Cloud the first time out he was definitely

not ready to race, and then he became 4th

in weight to three year olds. He became restless as they were waiting for the rain which came after the

race and the conditions were not favorable to him. At Deauville he became second, however as time

went on he became better and better and at Maisons –Laffitte he became near his best.

According to his trainer he is bound to stay in training for as long a he wants. It would be so sad for him

if he does not stay training as this will loosen his stability to be low. The other reason is that he is now

into a lot of events and attention through out the day and that should be kept that way. Basically it is

likened to human beings you always miss your work even though you on a vacation.

 year in a row and most definitely the spontaneous horse of the
 in the King George, which was a hard race as they had to give.

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