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Using Class In Horse Racing

Using Class In Horse Racing

For novice, you certainly need to take time to understand the horse racing form before you start
selecting any race that you think will yield a favorable profit towards your investment. For starters,
the first step to take is to understand the various types of horse races available at which this will make
things a bit easy for you to select a race of preference rather than selecting a race at random.

In this guide, I will outline a few tips associated with the various classes in horse racing. Understanding the classes will easily differentiate winners and losers in horse betting. There are various classes available and the quality classes consist of better horses and this is where the money is.

For instance, if the race is marked as an Open race this would mean that all horses in the race have no
restricted conditions at which better horses have a greater chance of winning. The major problem with Open races is that the favorites are more likely to win because a better horse could have been grouped with poor horses or horses that have never won a race before. Hence, the likely hood of judging each individual horse tends to be very tough and these races do not offer high dividends due to the fact that the better horses will always win the race.

However, when looking at other classes such as the maiden handicap and handicap all horses tend to
be very competitive because these have been grouped with other horses that have equal ratings. With
most handicap races, random selection of horses tends to yield good results but it’s not always certain
that the favorites will win. Any horse has the likelihood of winning the race. Hence, if a race is marked

handicap or maiden handicap (horses of similar ratings that have not won a race) there are greater
chances that you can make a fortune from your investment if you make use of a good strategy.

Another popular class is the claiming class at which horses are allocated a weight according to the
claiming price determined by the connectors. The weight plays a pivotal role to three qualities – early
start, peaking form and a drop in class. At times, you may find out that all horses that are winning on
a particular event have something in common dropping in class etc. at which as a beginner you would
need to look at this information each time you consider selecting a race.

It’s not all about looking at the classes but also looking at the history of the entire horse as well as
comparison of the different classes it has raced before.


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