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Major League Soccer Betting Picks

Despite America's overall lack of enthusiasm for the world's most popular sport, Major League Soccer has become quite an entertaining league and a landing spot for some of the planet's best players.

Still, although the league isn’t all that publicized, it seems like that point is coming as the US Men’s National Team is starting to get quite the following. If the Under-23 squad had qualified for the Olympics as expected, it may have helped even more.

With the salaries being offered up by America's most wealthy clubs, like David Beckman's  record-setting deal with the Los Angeles Galaxy, it has spurred an influx of international-born players willing to travel beyond there own backyards and across the pond to compete for prominence in the MLS.

Here are our picks for five of the better internationals that are currently playing in Major League Soccer this season.

1. Thierry Henry
This is probably the second most known player in the MLS worldwide, and number three in the States. The French-born Henry is one of the most talented players this game has seen in a long time. His story really began in the 1998 World Cup. His France side won the Cup that year, and his legend took off. He has played for many of the world’s most prestigious clubs. His stops included Arsenal and Barcelona before taking his place on the New York Red Bulls where he has won the hearts and souls of the Big Apple soccer loyals.

2. Robbie Keane
This list would not be complete without Ireland’s Robbie Keane. A phenomenal goal scorer for many years now, with the vast majority of his work being done in the English Premier League. But  he made the jump to LA last season and was an instant hit. He is most known for his work with the EPL's Tottenham Hot Spur where he accumulated 93 goals in 10 seasons, which was spread over two separate stops. The once teenage prodigy with the Wolverhampton Wanderers now thrills the LA Riot Squad.

3. David Beckham
No way that this guy misses the cut. The MLS started to get more press than ever before when this man made the switch. Other than Landon Donovan, the MLS owes this guy more credit than anyone else for the amount of attention the league is currently receiving. He made two stops before coming over to the Galaxy. Both of those were at the pinnacle of this game. Manchester United of the EPL and Real Madrid of Highest League in Spain.

4. Dwayne De Rosario
One of the two guys on this list that has actually played more games in the MLS than anywhere else. De Rosario is one of the better Canadians to ever play this game, and has actually led Canada to more success than they are accustomed to. He is now playing for his fifth MLS team in his12 season currently with D.C. United.

5. Fredy Montero
Finally, the lone young gun on this list. While he isn’t as highly known as the other four members, he has every chance to be as good. The Columbian international still plays his intercontinental soccer with his native nation, and while he hasn’t become a hit yet in the States, it is only a matter of time for this wonder kid. He is entering his fourth season with the Seattle Sounders.


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