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Horse Betting for High Rollers

Horse Betting for High Rollers

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As a professional high roller, you certainly need to get a good return from your investment as well as reducing the risk to minimal. Undoubtedly, you need to use an effective betting strategy that will give you a winning edge. With horse betting, winning strategies tend to be complex for low stake punters and easy for high rollers.
The majority of punters especially the novice tend to think that the more money you place on your bets is the easier you deplete your bankroll and others will tell you that it’s a recipe to disaster.
I have been a professional punter for years, having learnt and observed so many things. Believe it or not, the more money you place on your bets is the more money your get as well as reducing your risk. As they say, ‘money comes to money’. It is very easy to get a return of $100 out of an investment of $1,000 while it is difficult, at times not possible to get a return of $1,000 out of an investment of $100 and when this happens, it is known as pure luck. Yes, that’s true, riches frequently knock at those who are rich while the poor always eat the crumbs. This too applies with horse betting, no matter how hard you try, you will always find it very hard to win lots of cash at horses due to the fact that you are betting with less money.
Horse betting can be an easy way to build your bankroll as well as investing your funds. Many people will always tell you that horseracing is all about taking chances. Nevertheless, one thing I should tell you is that with horseracing, strategies can be used to give a favorable return on your investment. Of course, if you consider horse betting as gambling then you are chancing your way to riches. But if you consider horseracing as an investment then you certainly have to apply strategies as well as understanding the odds.
In this guide, I will outline an effective strategy for high rollers that will certainly yield a favorable return on your investment. Effective betting strategies are not just found online free, and if it’s available free, it will always be general and seldom works. However, I will provide this strategy as a helping hand to high rollers and those who are willing to take on the journey of high rollers.
Count on me, I personally use the strategy on a weekly base and it always works all the time and I have found it easy to pay my bills as well as offsetting my mortgage but the only setback is that you need to manage your bankroll properly as well as applying discipline.
If you are a high roller searching for an effective horse betting strategy then consider playing the quartet bets. There are various quartet bets available and these include - Quartet straight line, Quartet box, Quartet banker, Quartet single floating banker, Quartet double floating banker, and Quartet Single Banker Fixed Position
Before you think of playing Quartet bets, you need to understand all the quartet bets available so as to get a thorough understanding of this strategy.
Please note: This strategy is costly and not suitable for beginners. Placing fractional bets with this strategy can be worthwhile but you will not get much out of it.
The favorite quartet bet I always play is the Quartet box – 7 horses. Increasing the number of horses for the quartet box above 7 becomes very costly and the dividend can be zero / nil at times.
With Quartet box – 7 horses, on a single race one can make use of three quartet boxes i.e. a total investment / bet of $ xxxx per race i.e. $xxxx per bet. With this strategy, I would have to select three races that I think will have a high cash pool for quartet payouts. For the first race, you have to make use of your own money while the second and third race will make use of funds that have been won by the first race.
Now, what you have to do is observe your race sheet/form that shows various races and spot the races with a max of 12 horses or below. Selecting a race with more than 12 horses with this strategy reduces the winning probability and becomes too risky.
Once you have selected races with max of 12 horses and below, you need to select any three and proceed to place your bets as follows:
Before I get into deep, I will briefly explain the quartet box to those who are new to quartet. For example, when you place a bet as Quartet box |3-8-7-5 or Quatet Box |4-6-9-10-11-3 this means that you predict any four horse to come out in any order disregard to whether you have placed a horse first or last.
The quartet box is abbreviated as QBX and all you have to do is write it down as QBX |4-6-9-10-11-3
Race 1 – Total 12 horse: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12
Favorites: 8-4-1
Your Quartet box bets can be placed as follows;
Bet 1: QBX | 2-10-12-5-9-7-11
Bet 2: QBX | 8-2-10-12-5-11-3
Bet 3: QBX |8-4-1-2-10-12-5
Looking at Bet 1, this should be your main bet at which you have out ruled the favorites and replaced them with the underdogs as well as other horses you think may win. The main reason for not placing the favorites is that the quartet prize pool is very high when favorites are not included and very low when favorites win. Therefore, this should be your main target to win big.
Now looking at Bet 2, it includes the top favored horse while out ruling the other two favorites due to that fact that the top favored horse has a 50% chance of either a place or show in a race. From selecting the top favored, you place all the underdogs as well as the horse you did not include in the 1st bet.  Bet 2 is known as a way of reducing your risk in the event that Bet 1 (main bet) fails in the event that a favorite has been included. This means, with bet 1, you get to lose when favorites win but this should be covered with Bet 2 and Bet 3. Bet 3 consists of the favorites and the underdogs. Therefore, you only get to lose the main bet when favorites pull through and bet 2 and bet 3 will help you recover your loses but will not be able to cover all of them and at times it can be a draw (you get to receive the total amount you wagered on all three bets back without realizing any dividend) as the prize pool is very low due to favorites winning.
From my observation, a race with max of 12 horses and below have a higher quartet payout because favorites always fail most of the time when the horses are few. However, when placing your horses, it should not be guesswork at all. You need to look at the odds as well as the previous performance of each horse including its trainer. With a bit of analysis, it will help you select good horses thereby enhancing the strategy to give you a winning edge. However, with quartet box, simple analysis of each horse is needed because of the boxes unlike the Quartet Banker, Quartet Floating Banker and other betting types that need you to select a horse that you think will certainly show.
Bet wisely and do not forget to manage your bankroll as well as applying discipline.


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