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Horse Betting Festivals - A Helping Guide For Punters

Horse Betting Festivals - A Helping Guide For Punters

Punters are always looking forward to horse betting festivals / main events that take place every month. Several horseracing events are held monthly and punters are keen to partake in the events as a way of investing their earnings. It’s pretty obvious, with most racing events your return on investment can be very large due to the large pools available as compared to daily horse race meetings.  

There are many factors you need to consider when placing horse bets during major events. A major mistake made by many punters is that they tend to base horse racing on luck. Some place bets according to the horses amusing names/sounding names and others tend to select horses according to their favorite number/position.
As a professional punter or you looking forward to become a professional punter, you should never place your bets according to assumptions. Luck never works, if by any chance it moves your way there are greater chances that it will not knock again on your door.   You need to do a lot of homework as well as research for you to be on a wining edge.
Here is a betting formula you should always employ:
Information + Strategy = Profitable Results

Most festivals run annually and one important factor to consider is the previous results of horses that have won on the track as well as its trainers. The previous horses can be running in the current event and these are often the favorites because they would have won previously and they are very familiar with the track.
Therefore, your main key factors would be for you to look at the horses running on the track, their age, its trainers, as well as its recent performance. It is a known fact that the favorites will always make an effort to win, place or show during a main event and you certainly do not have to sideline these in your betting system. However, this does not mean you should not consider the second tier and the darkhorses.

Some horses can be new to the track while others it would be their first time to run over a long racecourse. What you need to understand is that horses will prepare themselves for test run exercises on the racecourse before the event and this is one main reason that makes the odds to change on a daily base. A favorite may not even perform well during it test run exercise and this is the moment you get to focus on the horses that are performing well during the exercise. 

Other horses may not perform well during the exercises because they will be trying to be familiar with the racecourse but it does not leave the benefit of a doubt that the horses that perform well during their test runs exercises will certainly perform well or even better on the day of the main event. 

 Therefore, with horse racing events, you certainly need to keep updated on what is happening during the exercises before the main event has begun. It’s not about guess work but facts in hand will certainly help you to archive great results. 

After acquiring all the necessary information, your next step it to play exotic bets / boxes. Handicapping at major events tend to be very difficult but if you spread your bets there are chances that you will get it right especially when you select the horses that run well as well as including the favorites. Your type of bets can include Superfecta, Trifecta, or quartet.  Having so many exotic tickets can make things complex in a way that you will not be able to yield any dividend from your investment.
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