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Parallels between Horse Racing and Investing

Has it been over thirty-two years when the Affirmed won horse racings triple crown? That was the last thoroughbred to have accomplished the magnificent feat. Over in Versailles, Ky. Win star farm said they had the best probability of ending the drought after they have been breeding a 33 yr. old Bay Colt named Super Saver who won the Derby this year but than faded on the Pimlico trip in Baltimore, Maryland with an 8th place finish in the 2nd stop of the triple crown tour.

So one of the owners Ken Troutt who also owns Dallas, Texas’s Mt. Vernon Investments was certainly let down but certainly used to the rollercoaster rides in the horse racing and investing world especially over the last few years. William Casner the other partner and founder of the telco company Excel Communications purchased the thoroughbred operation on 1400 acres of good ‘ole Kentucky bluegrass in 2000.

For the last 10 years Mount Vernon has been guided by President NicK Merrick whom is being recognized for his skills investing in small-to-mid size emerging hedge fund firms has seen many parallels between picking good investment grade classes and race horses. Since the two depend on a ardent understanding of history and derivation as well as a sense for the skill sets and personalities associated with winning.

Wagering on a great breeder in both finance and horse racing be on target or way out in left field. Certain hedge funds formed by past wall street elitists have turned out to be busts while other funds started by a PH.D. in statistics have seen astronomical growth and excellent returns for investors. “There certainly is a lot of luck involved”

Diversifying is another rule of thumb on the track and in the world of hedge fund investing. Just like with betting on sports you have to do your research look at the live odds and make a well informed and disciplined decision. Without that you may end up shooting for the stars and betting the farm on Bernie Madoffs fund. When the Belmont Stakes came in June Super Saver was taking a break and win star had it’s other prospective horse Drosselmeyer in the running. This thoroughbred colt came around the corner and beat out fly down and pace setter 1st dude to take home the top prize!

So yes horse racing picks and stock market or hedge fund picks really do seem to have a lot of parallels in many obscure ways some intertwined and others not so much with the owners of one investment house simply owning the horse not just betting on it at the track.


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