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Arbitrage Sports Handicapping

There are a few different ways to profitably bet on horses we use the arbitrage horse handicapping strategy of working the lines often times at different sportsbooks. When you find a bet that can be placed at two books with differing odds because their clients have wagered different amounts and changed the spread they are offering as they don't want to encounter too much counter party risk. So we will help to point you into the more favorable spread and guide you through the arbitrage sports betting strategy that often results in a profitable wager.

The idea is to ensure a high probability by getting the racing pick to fall within your range and if it doesn't you are only losing the premium (juice) to the house.

(example using points for clarity) So if Dr. Davidowitz has Never Loses as a 2 point favorite, and Cooper has Giddy up as a 2 point favorite. If a player bets Giddy Up at the first sportsbook, and Dr. Davidowitz at the second sportsbook, the resulting outcome will be that you win both wagers if either sides wins by 1 point or less and push if its anything less.


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Whether you bet for fun or to make money at the sportsbook coopers pick can help you.


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